Harwood Park Tribute Slideshows

During the funeral or memorial service, you may like to have a slideshow to help tell the story of your loved one.

With our tribute slideshows, we take your photos and professionally edit them before setting them to your choice of music. We carefully repair and restore even old and faded photos so they’ll be displayed looking their very best.

Most people choose to have a favourite photo of their loved one on the screen throughout the service and have the tribute slideshow played at the start of the reflection music. However, you may decide to play two different slideshows at different times of the service or play different images at the end of the service. We can also play video, or a mixture of video and photos, if you prefer. With our flexible service, we’re happy to tailor the slideshow to your wishes.

The slideshow is displayed on a state-of-the-art 70" LDC screen, which is easily viewable from all angles without any distracting glare. With no wires and cables, we use a wireless remote to discreetly play and pause for a seamless slideshow tribute.

After the service or memorial, you’ll be given a copy of the slideshow on a USB memory stick along with all your repaired and restored photos. It makes a precious keepsake that can be cherished by loved ones now as well as future generations.

For more information on our tribute slideshow service, please contact us on 01438 815555.

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