Harwood Park Living Memorials

Living memorials – trees and shrubs – are available in a choice of locations throughout the memorial gardens. All our trees are planted as saplings, so you and your family will have years of enjoyment watching yours grow.

Dedicated Chestnut Tree

A dedicated chestnut tree takes pride of place in Chestnut Avenue. It comes with a black granite ‘desktop’ memorial tablet and inscription.

Dedicated Roses

Choose a dedicated rose and you can have it displayed in either the Rose Garden or the Trellis Garden.

Dedicated Woodland Trees

There are various woodland areas throughout Harwood Park and we’ll be happy to show you these to help you make your choice. A dedicated woodland tree comes with a black granite or blue pearl plaque inscribed in gold. The plaque can be set on a stem or inlaid into York rock. You can also have the plaque set on a rugged boulder, with an optional vase. Ashes may be scattered or buried by the tree.

To discuss a living memorial, please get in touch on 01438 815555.