The Flower Court

After the service, you’ll be guided from the chapel through to the flower court, where the main coffin spray is taken. Here, you can spend some unhurried time viewing the floral tributes.

For mourners who are unable to bend easily and for those in wheelchairs, we have designed the flower court with raised areas to make it easier for them to read the flower cards.

We leave the flowers on display for three days so that mourners can return to the flower court to view the displays again or to take photographs. All the floral cards will be returned to you.

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Austins Funeral Directors

The price of funerals has risen over the years*, and many people prefer to make provision for the cost now. The Hertfordshire Funeral Plan is a pre-payment funeral plan exclusive to Austin’s Funeral Directors.
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*Royal London, National Funeral Cost Index report, August 2020.

Hertfordshire Funeral Plan